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Compare Two Popular Driveway Repair Methods

You can trust our West Kingston and South Kingstown, RI-based crew to restore high-traffic surfaces

Correcting potholes or washed away gravel and applying asphalt to the surface are some of the most cost-effective driveway repair methods. H&R Paving and Excavation, an asphalt paving contractor in West Kingston and South Kingstown, RI, uses several techniques to restore driveways. We will work with you based on your preferences and needs.

Filling your gravel driveway is...

  • A time-consuming, labor-intensive process
  • A temporary solution to an ongoing issue
  • Not ideal for improving your curb appeal
But paving your driveway can...

  • Make the surface look attractive
  • Keep your driveway from eroding away
  • Make your commute a more comfortable experience
If you'd like to pave your driveway, speak with a local asphalt paving contractor in West Kingston and South Kingstown, RI. We'll visit your property at your convenience to take photos and measurements. We'll then send you a quote with the estimated project costs and completion date.

OK with having a gravel driveway?

We can use your choice of materials to achieve the look you want. Contact us today to schedule driveway repair or replacement services.